SPOOKY! Don’t Let Trick-or-Treat Backfire on You!

In just a few days the Trick-or-Treater’s will be knocking on your door.  Are you aware that it is your responsibility as the homeowner or renter and insurance policy owner, to prevent losses? It is sad but true, Halloween is a huge liability exposure. When you decorate, turn your porch light on, and hand out treats you invite some of the most common, and most expensive liability claims.

Simply, any injury that any person might suffer while their feet are on your property can be considered your liability (whether you own or rent).

Keep in mind, if you trip over the garden-hose when you walk to the front door, then the little monster’s will too!  Move any hazards (planters, gnomes, etc) from the walk way and front porch.  If you like to light up the place with ghosts and jack-o-lanterns, then make sure it is UL approved and safely hung.  Otherwise, be sure the area is well lit!

Be prepared for trickster’s—no matter how great your candy—or if you don’t participate, the best targets for mischief are dark homes with no apparent witnesses.  And your pet’s aren’t immune.  Make sure they are safely inside on the “grueling” night.  However, make sure they do not go into “protective mode” and bite a little friendly “witch”!  That’s a huge liability issue that would take years to repair and will cost you premium!

And finally, make sure the edible treats you hand out are safe and individually wrapped.

As your Trusted Choice agent, we are a part of this great community and here for you!

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